Enchanteur Gorgeous Body Spray Perfumed Deo Mist 150ml

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Discover the captivating aroma of the all-new Enchanteur Gorgeous Perfumed Deo Spray. Fruity notes of plums and peaches intertwine with floral notes of tuberoses, gardenia and jasmines. A gentle spritz is enough to work its magic.

Elegant and floral
Lasting freshness
Signature Enchanteur fragrance


Peaches - A luscious fragrance that is delectable.
Tuberoses - A heady, intoxicating aroma to mesmerize you.
Jasmines - An irresistibly sweet, and rich fragrance.

Infuse freshness and elegance into your day

Enchanteur Gorgeous Perfumed Deo Spray is designed to give you floral freshness and odour-protection.

To use it, shake the bottle, hold it a few inches away from your skin and spray it directly on the skin. Allow your skin to dry completely before wearing clothes.

For best results, use it immediately after your shower.

Its gentle formula is designed for the sensitive skin in your underarms, and to give you lasting freshness.

You can also try the other Perfumed Deo Sprays from Enchanteur, and mix them up to match your mood.

Skin-friendly deo spray.

Feminine, elegant, floral fragrance.

Long-lasting freshness and odour-protection

For best results, use right after a shower.

Enchanteur' s French fragrances are loved by women in 40+ countries.